About Us

Half Hearted Clothing is a shortened form of the brand’s full name Half Hearted Fully Conscious. Our plan is to create a lifestyle brand with our initial product as clothing that embodies a unique individual's style that not only shows a sense of fashion, but has a message of being a conscious and passionate individual. The name is not just for our brand, but principles that we have woven into every facet of the company, passion and consciousness.  The brand will serve as a platform to not only express oneself through fashion, but to uphold the tenant to “guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.” (Proverbs 4:23)

Although the name is half hearted, we are not proponents of doing things half-heartedly. Our symbols are reminders to embody the use of common sense, logic, and reason, associated with passion and love to elevate us all!

Our Vision:

Our goal is to become a niche leader in urban and casual fashion market. Providing clothing globally to people of all ages that align with our principles of "Love & Logic".

Our Mission:

Spreading our message of love and logic through our brand to create a more conscious and elevated mankind.

Our Story:

We’ve all had experiences in life that have brought us down may it be a heartbreak, failed friendship, disappointment professionally or personally and just felt really dumb because we knew we had reservations in our mind, but our heart was telling you to go full throttle. That in essence is how we uncovered the idea behind the Half Hearted clothing brand.